Japanese inns Ikaho Hot Spring 「Shinki」

Ikaho Hot Spring is one of the famous Hot Springs in Japan and has a 1900-year-long history.

One of the poems in the oldest existent poetry book in Japan, “Manyoshu”, mentions Ikaho.

Our inn, “Shinki”, has exceptional views when compared to others in the area.

Due to our 800 Meter ASL location, the beautiful mountains of Gunma are visible.

In our open-air and observation baths, you can enjoy Ikaho`s hot springs and experience the local natural environment.

You can see and feel the four Japanese seasons, with fresh green in Spring, cool breezes in Summer, autumn colors and leaf-fall in Autumn, and snowfall in Winter. This hot spring water is good for beautiful skin. Your skin will retain more moisture.  

Seasonal Japanese food

The chef, who was trained in a restaurant in Kyoto, cooks Japanese cuisine from scratch one dish at a time. We use lots of local foodstuff from Gunma and Ikaho.

Relaxing Japanese room

The guest rooms are Japanese tatami-mat rooms, through which you can feel Japan culture. You can see some of the beautiful mountains of Gunma from your window. (Tatami mats are a woven mat over a straw core, making for firm but resilient flooring.)(P..S. Please don`t wear your shoes on the mats, they will be damaged.) We provide a futon, which is Japanese bedding. (One part to sleep on and a comforter-type blanket over top.) (Unlike the American bed of the same name, there is no wooden frame underneath).

Benefits of using our homepage reservation system.

【1】 Welcome Drink on arrival.
Free rental of a “yukata” with a design taken from a famous art work by Yumeji.. (Yukatas are a Japanese summer cotton kimono used like a bathrobe, but also worn as outerwear during summer festivals or in and around Spas after bathing.)
A free beer in the observation lounge.
【4】  A free cup of coffee in the morning.

Traffic information

Ikaho Hot Spring is not too far from Tokyo.


557-34 Ikaho Ikaho-machi Shibukawa-shi Gunma-ken 〒377-0102


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Sights to see in the surrounding area.

 Tomioka silk mill

Tomioka silk instrument mill was established by the Japanese government in 1872. Female factory workers from all over Japan went back their hometowns and became active leaders. The silk mill kept operating making silk thread for 115 years after changing to private management. The main buildings buildings like warehouses and the silk mill, were built of brick with wooden posts and beams, and are almost completely in their as-built condition. In Tomioka-city about 1 hour by car from this inn

Ikaho hot spring

The famous Japanese artist and poets, Yumeji Takehisa and Uzyo Noguchi stayed here. You can find the poem “Ikaho street” by Akiko Yosano on the stone steps through Ikaho which are a well-known symbol of the area.    


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